Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the batteries last?

In a typical install the batteries need replacing twice a year. If the connection to the WiFi network is poor then the batteries will not last as log as the sensor will make more attempts to send the data back to the server. The battery level is constantly monitored and an alert sent out when the batteries need replacing. The batteries should last for a further 2 to 3 weeks after the first alert goes out. The batteries can be easily replaced, using a cross head screwdriver, by you or your pool maintainer.

How can I test the WiFi signal by the skimmer cover?

The simplest way to test the signal strength is to place your mobile on the skimmer cover and make sure that it is still connected to the home WiFi. You can browse a few web sites to test the speed and reliability of the connection. Just make sure you are connected to the home WiFi and not the internet from the mobile provider. This test can also be performed with a laptop or any other WiFi connected device.

How does the sensor measure the water level?

There are two parallel copper plates extending the full length of the pipe section. Passing an oscillating current through these plates created a field between them. If the sensor is out of water this field is maintained in the air which has a high level of insulation creating a higher capacitance. The water is a better conductor of electricity and the field exhibits a lower capacitance as the water level rises up the pipe. The variance in this field capacitance is how the water level is determined. To make it simpler the capacitance values are converted into a level between 0 and 10, 0 being no water present and 10, water is covering the whole length of the pipe.

Why are there two temperature sensors?

One sensor is at the end of the pipe and measures the temperature of the water surrounding the pipe. The other temperature sensor is on the top of the unit and it is designed to measure the current temperature of the circuit board. The temperature of the circuit board affects the capacitance reading and this allows the water level to be calculated correctly allowing for temperature variance. The other benefit is that it gives you a good indication just how hot it is around the pool.

Where is the sensor installed?

The sensor is installed by inserting it through the finger hole on the skimmer cover.